Rehearsal Footage

Dave and I have been working like absolute maniacs on the new show, “Meet You Downstairs In The Bar”. It is taking up every moment of my world, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is going to be magical. Of the 7 songs in the show, only one is from my back […]

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Meet You Downstairs In The Bar

My brand new show, “Meet You Downstairs In The Bar” is premiering at the Butterfly Club as part of the Melbourne Cabaret festival, in 11 DAYS!!! Tickets are extremely limited and selling well, so if you want to come along (and you should), buy tickets via links below, and then come back and read all […]

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Tom Dickins

BRISBANE – I’m coming to you!

BRISBANE I’m coming to you – In a week! The amazing people at Motherboard Productions  have created a phenomenal space / show / experience called Underground. It is a pop-up Korean Speakeasy. A bar. A theatre. Live music. Storytelling. The show/space was so successful in it’s initial run that they have been asked back as […]

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Album Launch LANYARD

UPDAAAAAATE: MELBOURNE!!! We have exciting news! With only 10 days to go, we are offering exclusive souvenir lanyards to the first 100 people that book tickets to the album launch. These lanyards contain a download code to a song that has never been released! Tickets available HERE Show details: WHEN: 16 August WHERE: The Spotted Mallard, 314 […]

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I have never jumped out of a plane before. Though I understand the appeal. And I feel like I may understand how it feels. On three distinct occasions I have felt the freefall. The wind rushing through my hair. The hope that the parachute will open and carry my weight. The somewhat detached and bemused […]

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Live Acoustic Recording

Join me on 27 June at the Empress Hotel for the live acoustic recording of my new record “A Brief Case Of Madness”. The recording will be sent out to supporters of my crowdfunding campaign, as a reward for pledging $250 or more towards the album. I will also be playing a bunch of covers […]

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A Brief History of The Record

Holy shit. The album is done. It is recorded, mixed and mastered. It will be sent to the financial supporters who made the record possible TODAY… One year ago (to the date), the crowdfunding campaign for “THIS IS OUR ALBUM” closed. After months of blood, sweat and tears we had made history together. You may […]

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Towards, Onwards, Upwards, Skywards.

I wrote an entire blog about 2012; The madness of it. The beauty of it. The ugliness of it. The fact we survived. It was a comprehensive, breathless list of what had happened and what is about to happened. Then I deleted it. Like the year itself. It is gone. Both had their good moments […]

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Twenty Twelve… dum dum DUUUMMMMMM

I have some friends that subscribe the “2012” theory. Theirs is slightly different to the straight up End-Of-The-World theory. It is more about an acceleration. A universal speeding up – which will reach a boiling point, so we will HAVE to change our ways. At some sort of climax (late in December), the theory goes […]

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An unlikely blog… That rhymes

I never write what I set out to write. I will try to write a song about one thing and it invariably is about something else. When I travel I write handwritten letters to friends or family but they end up being the closest thing I have to a diary. This has always been the pattern. You can’t […]

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