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  • Tom Dickins

    BRISBANE – I’m coming to you!

    BRISBANE I’m coming to you – In a week! The amazing people at Motherboard Productions  have created a phenomenal space / show / experience called Underground. It is a pop-up Korean Speakeasy. A bar. A theatre. Live music. Storytelling. The show/space was so successful in it’s initial run that they have been asked back as […]

  • Album Launch LANYARD

    UPDAAAAAATE: MELBOURNE!!! We have exciting news! With only 10 days to go, we are offering exclusive souvenir lanyards to the first 100 people that book tickets to the album launch. These lanyards contain a download code to a song that has never been released! Tickets available HERE Show details: WHEN: 16 August WHERE: The Spotted Mallard, 314 […]

  • Skydiving

    I have never jumped out of a plane before. Though I understand the appeal. And I feel like I may understand how it feels. On three distinct occasions I have felt the freefall. The wind rushing through my hair. The hope that the parachute will open and carry my weight. The somewhat detached and bemused […]

  • Live Acoustic Recording

    Join me on 27 June at the Empress Hotel for the live acoustic recording of my new record “A Brief Case Of Madness”. The recording will be sent out to supporters of my crowdfunding campaign, as a reward for pledging $250 or more towards the album. I will also be playing a bunch of covers […]

Video Of The Week

  • Desert Garden (a Vast cover)
  • 3 Libras
  • Solid Gold Easy Action
  • Androgynous
  • This Charming Man
Video of the Week is a project we embarked upon when my crowdfunding campaign closed in June 2012. As a reward for a pledge of $125+, I agreed to learn a cover song (of the supporters choice), film it and put it up on YouTube. I have 49 songs to get through and am attempting to get through one a week. To see more of these videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel


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